A toy that offers a lot of surprises!


  • From 6 months - Unisex
  • Building surface on the crocodile’s back where the baby can stack one or all of the 6 included blocks
  • Peek-a-boo, pop-up action from the blocks when stacked
  • Flip out handle to pulls the crocodile along
  • Fun sound effects and music
  • Batteries included

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In mode one, this cute character is the perfect building friend for the sitting baby. There is a generous building surface on the Croc's back where baby can stack one or all of the 6 included blocks. Each time baby stacks they will get a great peek-a-boo, pop action from the blocks. Baby can open the Croc's mouth and be rewarded with fun sound effects and musical tunes as they feed him the blocks. When the Croc is full, and all the blocks are in his belly, baby can easily flip open the building surface to reveal the storage and all the blocks! In mode two, mom can flip out the handle from under the Croc and now he is ready for on the go fun as a perfect first wagon for baby. As baby pulls him along they will get fun sound effects and music.

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