Why rent?

Baby Travel Rio is simple and designed to ensure your child’s comfort and safety during your stay in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Family or friends are visiting with their children and you do not have the necessary baby gear to welcome them?
  • You are visiting Brazil and you want to travel light while ensuring safety and comfort to your baby?
  • You are settling in Rio de Janeiro and waiting for your shipment?
  • You do not want to buy equipment that you will only use temporarily?

Why rent?

Travel light and bring only what’s essential


  • Baby equipment is heavy and you will face airlines size and weight limits for checked and hand luggage.
  • The equipment that ensures your child’s safety and comfort do not fit into your luggage (bouncertravel cot, feeding chair…).


Ensure your child’s comfort and safety while on holidays


  • Your hotel or place of stay probably do not have the necessary equipment to ensure your child’s safety and comfort.
  • The comfort of your child is paramount to ensure a pleasant stay for the whole family.


Serenely settle in Rio de Janeiro


  • You are waiting for your shipment? Do not buy the equipment that you already have. Renting will ensure that your child has all the equipment that he needs to settle more easily into their new home.
  • As in Brazil shipments may take a while to arrive, our service adapts to your needs and you will be able to easily extend the duration of your rental.
  • For any rental exceeding a 1-month period, please contact us directly by email (babytravelrio@gmail.com) or via our contact form.


Save money and promote sustainability


  • Save money and reduce your impact on the planet by renting equipment that you only use once in a while.
  • You have forgotten something back home? Rent it! It will be cheaper and more practical.


Enjoy your stay in Rio de Janeiro and trust Baby Travel Rio


Baby Travel Rio is designed to make your stay easy and enjoyable:

  • Rentals from 1 day to several months
  • Delivery service
  • An easy, flexible and trustworthy 7 day a week service with deliveries/pick-ups from 7 am to 10 pm.